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The Best Hen Party Ideas

Planning any party can be a huge headache and it becomes even more challenging when you have to organize a hen party, with satisfying your attendees being your top priority. If you want your hen party to beat all the other hen parties, there are some ideas to incorporate in your planning. If you are leaving the details of your hen party to some else advice them on what you would like. Continue reading for some amazing hen party ides.

The hen yoga party is an idea you can incorporate into your planning instead of just going all boozy and this session usually ends with style posing and pictures. People enjoy snuggling up with popcorn and friends watching scary movies but that is too common, get involved in the action by swapping the movie night for a zombie experience with your buddies. Taking your hen party abroad is an amazing hen party idea that you should consider, just ensure you plan and pack for the party in advance.

If you are the type of person who is serious about sports consider swapping the outdoor games in your schedule with some competition from other groups, this will guarantee you a good time. You want to have the best time at your hen party so why not replace horse riding in the park with a hen-party polo ride where you can have great time with your fiends. Baking macarons is simple and requires no fancy equipment, everything you can do in your home, so why not have them at your party instead of cupcakes.

If you want a luxurious spa experience with your girls you can consider a potting shed instead of a normal spa; laughing is allowed and you are guaranteed amazing services and a time of your life. Instead of sitting down with your girls for a cup of tea, you can choose to enjoy it while you tour the beautiful scenery of the city on a routemaster. Consider working with venues the can organize the hen-party for you, worked with suppliers for years and can secure you amazing discounts.

You can decide to learn techniques of the street in a graffiti shop by using sprays to create a mural instead of opting for life drawing at your hen-party. Perfumery class can be an excellent idea for your hen-party because you get to come up with your own custom blend of perfume, name it and even get a free sample to take with you. Instead of going clubbing, try a roller disco where you are guaranteed exclusivity and you even get to bring your music. Use this ideas and tips for an excellent experience at your hen-party.

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